Katy Cruizers is a very active car club with tours or other activities scheduled almost each month. Members are encouraged to drive their collector cars on all tours.


July’s Hot Dog Social and Club’s 10 Year Anniversary Party at Jack and Rena Sartin’s Shell Car Cave –


June’s Tour to Anderson, Texas turned out to be a beautiful drive through pretty countryside to visit an old town that put us back in time, by about 170 years.  Our intended destination was the 1850s Fanthorp Inn which unfortunately, happened to be closed for the day.  Most of us just drove off… except for this guy who crossed the barriers to take photos of all sides of this really neato building that was started in 1834.

The club members convened in beautiful(?) block-long downtown Anderson looking around in numerous antique shops selling the same old stuff that one finds gracing the shelves of all antique shops.  Anderson has an interesting Heritage Park with old buildings that have not stood the tests of time too well.

Center stage in the town of Anderson is its court house with unique exterior stairways gracing the building.  When everybody else was pulling out to go grab grub, this photog noticed the cleaning crew unlocking the court house door.  Hummmm!  These are the pics that document this not-so-happy place for law offenders.  Enjoy!

Did I mention that next to loving our cars and families, our group loves its grub?




Congratulations to Bob Watson and James Bartlett for winning trophies at the 65th annual Texas Region Tour in Nacogdoches, Texas. Bob Watson won first place in the 1959-1968 open car class with his beautifully restored 1966 Corvette. James Bartlett won the “Jim and Jane Davie Traveling Trophy Award” for the best owner-restored car on the Texas Tour for his 1935 Auburn Super-Charged Convertible. This trophy is taken to the next year’s tour and someone else will receive it. Each winner adds their name on one of the plates at bottom. It has been passed around quite a few times through the years. The Auburn was restored from the ground up by James and his brother in the early 1990’s. Well done, Bob and James.


In April, 2018 we went to the small town of Fayetteville, Texas to experience a small car show (it was very cold, very rainy, and very windy!!!), an 1880s court house and of course, our group lunch.


March 2018’s tour was to Belleville, Texas to support the annual Austin County Cruisers Classic Car Stampede.


January 2018 was a rainy-day tour of the historic Varner-Hogg Plantation in West Columbia, Texas.  It was settled in 1832 and was an active sugar plantation for decades thereafter.  It is also the place where Santa Ana spent some time chained to a tree after his capture after the battle of San Jacinto.


December, 2017 was the month to acknowledge the top three winning entries of our Old-Time-Car-Photo contest, based on entries throughout the year. 

The first place winner is Bruce Carter who stopped in for some ice cream with his 1915 Model T: 

The second prize went to Jack Sartin who never caught any fish, although his 1931 Model A Ford looks like a good catch:

The third place finishers are Mark and Karen Marcoux who are over the moon with their 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS 409:


December 4, 2017 was Katy Cuizers’ annual Christmas Party and gift exchange.  It was such a good time!

November 2017’s Club Tour was to the St. Jude’s Charity Model Airicraft Fly-In and Car Show in Rosenberg.

October, 2017 to Rosenberg’s Old Railroad Cafe and dessert at the Orr’s
, via a beautiful, rambling country tour –

September, 2017 San Felipe Historical Tour – 


August, 2017 ADVANCIAL Credit Union Car Show –


July, 2017 BBQ – 


Sealy Car Show and Club Tour – June, 2017

Personal Car Collection of John Barkland – April, 2007

A Few Favorites from the April, 2017 Mecum Auction…


Sealy Tractor, Inc. Virnau & Sons, owner of a fabulous unrestored car collection – April, 2017

The late owner’s son, Jeff Virnau, told our club tour group his father used to take in almost anything as a trade-in to make a tractor sale.  The result is an astonishing accumulation of mostly unrestored vehicles mostly from the 1920s through 1950s.  This is not a museum, and is generally not open to the public.




Belleville, Texas tour — January, 2017



Schulenberg Painted Church Tour: http://schulenburgchamber.org/



Gullo’s Classic Car Museum



John Hovas’ Hemi Hideout



Houston Museum of Fine Arts



Other Cruises and Events are shown below in no particular order of happiness: