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Who Knows of the Red Baron of World War 1?
1917 – 100 year old footage of the Red Baron during WWI
The following is a very rare piece of film, 100 years old. It shows Baron Von Richthofen, doing an ‘external’ prior to a mission, as well as his putting on a flying suit prior to flight in cold weather. If you look close you will notice Hermann Goering.


Every once in awhile a member will pull a real boner!  Sometimes members are caught in compromising positions they will never live down.

October, 2017’s Loose Nuts Award goes to Ron Orr who is telling Fred Schiefer an unlikely story… that his 1967 Jaguar 420’s engine is actually very dependable!  That cannot be true – a total impossibility!

July’s Loose Nuts Award
goes to Jamie Roberts for not being able to get down from where he climbed…

June’s Loose Nuts Award goes to Frank and Sharon Burton for sneaking in a little “sugar” during the Sealy car show and tour.  Nice to see couples still in love!

February’s Loose Nuts Award
goes to Fred Schiefer for his banging Model A engine.  A new $1500 4-banger, and lots of frustrating help from even more frustrated friends helping with the exchange and get the new one running, he FINALLY got the thing started!  Now he is ready for that much anticipated California tour.

Fred’s Challenger before and after setting goals…

And a few other precious moments…