First cars are very special things, like your first… ahem! (You fill it in!)
Here are some of the special memories of our members.


Tom Mather still has this beautiful Model A Sport Coupe since buying it from this lot in 1957!
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Jerry Hunter’s pretty 1981 Datsun 280ZX


John Brown’s First Ride – 1963 Chevy Nova, black with red interior, white top.  Quite a ride in 1966!


Bruce Carter’s First Ride – a fast Mach 1.


Jerry Caskey’s First Car
My first car was a 2 tone blue 1946 Chevrolet that looked just like this promotional photo. I bought it from my Uncle for $35 in December of 1957 when I was in the 10th grade. My uncle, who was a Pearl Harbor survivor, had bought it new in 1946 right after he got out of the Navy. It did not have a radio, so I bought a used one at the salvage yard for $8. I loved that car and drove it for 3 years through High School. I was very fortunate since very few of my friends had cars. Life was simple, cars were simple…and I did all of the work on the car myself. I had no money to pay others to work on my “baby”.

Jerry McCurry’s new 1957 Ford Skyliner

In April 1957, the Ford Motor Co. released its new Retractable Hardtop Convertible (Skyliner). I immediately placed an order and took delivery in Detroit on May 17. While in Detroit I drove “South to Canada” and purchased a front grille for a Meteor (Canadian version of the ’57 Ford) from the local Canadian Ford dealership and installed it after returning home to Oklahoma City.

While touring the local Drive-Ins in the Detroit area I saw many ’57 Fords, Chevys and Plymouths wearing Bubble Fender Skirts. I inquired and purchased a pair for my new ’57 Skyliner.

Fred Schiefer’s first new car


Bill Spizzirri’s First Car

My first car is a ’71 Corvette convertible that I bought when I was 22, so I have owned it for 44 years. It’s a 350 with a 4 speed manual. The engine and transmission have never been “opened” and it still runs great. It was my only car for 8 Chicago winters and has survived. It was my wedding “limo” in 1978 and it was my daughter’s wedding limo in 2005. I’ve had many great rides in it including a lap on the Indy 500 track.


First Cars of Rick Lamprecht