What can you possibly want to ask that you believe we might have the capacity to answer?

Question:  Kidde Fire Extinguishers are being recalled.  What is their web site to determine if mine is on the recall list?
Answer: Click HERE for Kidde Recall Information

Question:  Do I have to join AACA to be a Katy Cruizer member?
Answer:  Youbetcha!  Katy Cruizers is affiliated with the AACA. AACA provides insurance for our tours, along with other neat benefits such as the monthly magazine that you can keep in your outhouse.

Question:  Where is the Midway BBQ and where in the building are the meetings held?
Answer:  The meetings are held in large private room in the rear of the Midway BBQ restaurant located at 6025 Highway 90, Katy, Texas.  Just follow your nose.

Question:  Why is the sky blue?
Answer: Beats me!

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